At XPAC, we create and evolve our Information Technology (IT) solutions to drive full optimization of business processes. We architect solutions that quickly adapt to key requirements that compliment our customer’s long term strategies. Transforming manual processes into automated processes not only saves time but also ensures a more repeatable, standard operating procedure. This leads to higher levels of quality.

Our passion is to deliver innovative, high quality IT solutions. This is accomplished by a strong and experienced team of IT professionals that cover everything from hardware needs (client, server, and mobile) to infrastructure needs (network and security) to software development needs (web, windows, mobile, and mainframe).

Our desire is to build long term solutions for our clients. We do this by implementing services based upon consistent development frameworks that allow these solutions to grow into the future. This approach better aligns these services to be shared and reused there by lowering development time and simplifying support. We aim to design and develop custom designed software that addresses your overall business needs using consistent and scalable technology. Over time we have been able to help customers improve productivity, grow their bottom line, and develop a unique competitive advantage.

The relationship built with our customers is like a natural staff extension. The IT department at XPAC will ensure that all appropriate groups are integrated throughout the value chain. By keeping these groups informed, quicker business decisions can occur. That translates into management efficiency and reduced risks. Notifications and alerts built into these IT solutions ensure that statuses in the value chain are always known which enables proactive changes to be made.

Communicating with customers and vendors becomes seamless by submitting transactions electronically (EDI, FTP, HTTP, etc.). We also understand how important your information is and have built controls around keeping it secure.

Analysis of data collected will continue to help improve processes. Reporting is available to forecast demand and also to gauge productivity. Evaluating material costs and movement will help maximize the effectiveness of the network of suppliers and lead to cost savings.

We take pride in building and supporting IT solutions. We are always looking for continuous improvement opportunities to ensure that your operation executes at peak performance.

Apply hereor in person at 525 10th Avenue East Milan, IL. XPAC is an equal opportunity employer.

From small component parts to complete machines and assemblies, XPAC is a total supply-chain solutions provider. We have the expertise and facilities to provide service through the complete supply-chain lifecycle, including:
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