It’s reassuring to know XPAC has a long, successful track record of support functions for manufacturers. From complex sub-assembly operations, to complete dressing of an engine, to assemblies of wobble boxes, valves and large counterweights, you can count on XPAC.

Your partnership with XPAC means you’ll get sequencing for just-in-time delivery to production lines and utilization of your specific assembly requirements and instructions. We can also provide dis-assembly or deconsolidation services for domestic and international operations, resulting in segregation of obsolete parts, salvaged packaging, and valuable inventory returned to you.

Assembly 1

We are The Total Package® that lets you focus on efficient production lines with JIT deliveries or ready-to-install sub-assemblies. We also provide services to ensure valuable parts tied up in obsolete assemblies or kits can be reused, repurposed or redistributed, bringing them back into your revenue chain.

Apply hereor in person at 525 10th Avenue East Milan, IL. XPAC is an equal opportunity employer.

From small component parts to complete machines and assemblies, XPAC is a total supply-chain solutions provider. We have the expertise and facilities to provide service through the complete supply-chain lifecycle, including:
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