Providing the Quad Cities with environmentally friendly and economically sound powder coating, the preferred choice of the finishing industry. We specialize in Steel and Aluminum parts. Laser Edge Oxide Removal is available.

XPAC operates a state of the art industrial powder coat paint operation with process certified to exceed performance expectations of leading OEMs. With a large, in-line conveyor system, including a parts washer, dry-off oven, 2 stage powder application booth, and a cure oven, XPAC has designed solutions to handle all of our customer’s surface protection needs.

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Our powder coating system ensures the consistency of coating required for each project, including a quality finish based on a wide selection of colors. It also offers excellent uniformity - eliminating sags, drip marks and other surface irregularies. We can provide a high gloss coating that is extremely durable, in epoxy, polyester, or hybrids. Powder coated parts can be machined and most are recoatable.


Powder coating resists cracking, peeling, marring and will minimize shipping and handling damage. Resistant to extreme abrasions, corrosions and chemicals, powder coating provides a finish superior to most other organic coatings.

Cost Effective

Powder coating reduces equipment, energy, labor, and waste disposal costs. A wide variety of coating chemistries is applied with the same equipment and for most applications, the desired film thickness is achieved in a single pass.

Environmentally Compliant

Powder coating is an organic compound that meets EPA standards. Costly air pollution control equipment is eliminated, waste is negligile, usually no primers are required and cleanup is performed without the use of solvents - which all adds up to a clean work environment.

XPAC offers powder coating, single coat, and wet-on-wet applications with different paint technologies, ensuring we meet the specified paint performance characteristic requirements. XPAC has the experience and innovation to design packaging that effectively and efficiently protects the painted contents during transit, storage and handling. We, also, provide bulk and individual packaging into customer or returnable containers and racking. In conjunction with surface protection, XPAC offers warehousing, inventory management, and assembly as the total supply chain solution for our customers.

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Apply hereor in person at 525 10th Avenue East Milan, IL. XPAC is an equal opportunity employer.

From small component parts to complete machines and assemblies, XPAC is a total supply-chain solutions provider. We have the expertise and facilities to provide service through the complete supply-chain lifecycle, including:
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