For over 30 years, XPAC has assisted customers in designing the safest, most effective and cost-efficient packaging methods. Our customers rest assured that our experienced and knowledgeable teams recommend the best solution for each different application. Designed packages may include foam, plastic, cardboard and wood depending on the size, destination and shipping method of the contents.

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Our experience with international shipping regulations and hazardous material packaging sets us apart from others and provides valuable information to our customers. XPAC not only fulfills individual orders, we provide replenishment programs (to ensure our customer maintains a required stock level) and returnable packaging pools. If you are shipping your valuable parts, you need XPAC to provide the packaging and protection to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

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Apply hereor in person at 525 10th Avenue East Milan, IL. XPAC is an equal opportunity employer.

From small component parts to complete machines and assemblies, XPAC is a total supply-chain solutions provider. We have the expertise and facilities to provide service through the complete supply-chain lifecycle, including: